Catchup for 2019

The brief history of my Imparted Pursuit blog, ultimately, did not take hold as a recurring place for me to detail my learnings about small businesses, management or other psuedo-career topics. While these pages may not be the stream of content that I hoped for, the process that I had laid out for myself did carry on in one form or another, even though the writing had stalled!  I’ll attempt to catchup my personal web space here with how things went, and even mention an activity or two that is ongoing. A true blog, this may not be, but as an extended resume and deeper introduction to me… I’m glad to share what I can:

  • University Student Group Advising: Awards and Beyond Mentoring
  • Toastmasters Speaking Club Experience
  • Founding a Simple Non-Profit as Networking and Student Advising Body

Here’s to 2019!

– Wes Johnson